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Chris Witor

Register National Weekend Award
Register National Weekend Award Winner

Chris was born in Slough in 1960, by the age of 10 took an interest in Karting, by the age of 16 Chris and his dad Alf built his own 100cc kart, which was subsequently raced with some success in endurance events.

At 16 Chris started a 4 year mechanical engineering apprenticeship at the Mars sweets factory. In his part time Chris had a business tuning two stroke motorbikes, and hand making expansion chamber exhaust systems.

In 1978 Chris purchased a Triumph 2000 MKI MJH758H, as a result of liking the 2000 owned by his father since the early 70’s – Chris considers them a versatile and practical performance car.

Not liking factory routine, Chris went self employed in late 1980, with a combination of mobile welding and motorbike tuning.

In 1981 the Triumph 2000 2500 2.5 Register started. Chris joined and is one of the earliest members number 77. Using knowledge gained from modifying his own Triumph 2000, Chris started maintaining and upgrading 2000’s & 2.5’s for others.

Karting Days
Karting Days
Karting Days
65mph Puch Maxi 1977

Chris started to develop his own range of products and advertised them in the Register magazine Six Appeal. His first full page ad appeared in issue 17, August 1984. To some extent Chris carried on development where the factory left off. Not wishing to earn a bad reputation for selling cheap sub-standard parts, quality was always put first where possible.

The Triumph business peaked in the early 1990’s. Then in 1993 Chris saw the potential in marketing polyurethane suspension bushes. Chris was the first in Europe to market PU bushes for classic and performance cars.

SuperFlex is a business which is going from strength to strength- despite its many imitators.

The Triumph business also goes on, as does the re-manufacturing of parts

Testing at Goodwood
Testing at Goodwood